Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Publish and Sell Your Book Class

There is starting to be a buzz about the Publish and Sell Your Book class I offer through the Community Learning Program at Central Oregon Community College! I suspect that some of the interest has to do with former students who have taken the class to heart and are in the process of publishing their book. One, written by Becky Coffield and titled, Life was a Cabaret, should be available before the current class ends.

With so much buzz and success, the suggestion has been made that I give prospective students an idea of what transpires in the class. There are three meetings. The first is given over to helping everyone clearly identify what they want to do with their book. The decision really impacts everything else that follows. For example, if you only want to produce a book for family and friends, there is no need for things like an ISBN, Library of Congress Control Number, bar code, etc. However, if you want to sell a million copies, those items need to be included as well as several other things. Those things make up the rest of the class session.

The second meeting starts with turning your manuscript into an e-book. If an e-book is new to you, note that it is simply a book that can be downloaded into your computer. After the e-book discussion, we get really involved with how to sell your book/e-book. Traditional strategies and outlets are discussed but a greater emphasis is placed on the non-traditional. Even if you don't like to "sell" things, I think you will find that selling your book is not that difficult.

The third meeting is when we take an actual book idea and work through the process of publishing and marketing it. During the latter part I will discuss your manuscript with you on a one-to-one basis.

Does the class sound like it is worth the time? You bet!

For more information, see the course description in the Schedule of Classes.

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