Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Harry Potter and the End of the Cash Cow

The publisher of the latest Harry Potter book just said that the first printing will be 12 million copies. The announcement suggests two things: the pre-publication sale was successful and the 12 million copies establishes a new world record for first printing. All of that should help keep the buzz going.

Curiously, Barnes and Noble indicated last week that they would probably not make much/any money on the book because of their deep discounting of its price(presumably all editions are being discounted).

So, the question is: who is making money on this deal?


Duncan McGeary said...

This will be my first year selling a new Harry Potter book (my store, Pegasus Books has only been selling new books since last fall.)

We ordered 10 copies to qualify for the pre-shipping. I figure it may take all year to sell them all, but maybe I'll be surprised.

Tom said...

Duncan,thanks for the comment.If any of the readers are considering buying the new Harry Potter, be sure to get it from Duncan at Pegasus Books. He is located at 105 NW 3rd St., Bend. If we don't support the local book stores, who will?

For those who have not discovered Duncan's blog, check it out. You have to love its title: The Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle-Age Guy Ever Had. I use his blog as an example of a great journal-style business blog in my business blogging class at COCC.