Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do it Yourself Book Club

There is a new service that provides the means of creating your own book club. Called Booksprouts, it makes available a free platform were it is possible to set up the club, invite people to join, have them buy the book, read it, and then discuss it.

The interesting element for self publishers is that you can select your own book and form a reading group around it. Imagine the response if you posted the book club info on the wall of all your Facebook friends!

For this to work on Booksprouts, your book needs to be available through the usual Internet outlets (Amazon, Abe Books, etc.). So, you make the usual amount on the sale through the outlet and the Booksprouts people make their money as a reseller (usually an 8% commission paid by the outlet). Pretty neat!

Give them a visit at Booksprouts

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Anonymous said...


Oh I am glad I came across this, its perfect for my authors who have memoirs.
Thanks and have a nice day, you should blog more :)
Brenda Rogers