Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wholeselling Books to a Large Retailer

There is an article by Pat Volchok titled "The Big Little Bookstore" in the November, 2008 issue of Costco Connection. It offers rare insights into the people and process involved with purchasing books for the Costco stores which are one of the top five book sellers in the U.S. Following is a brief summary of the points of particular interest to self publishers.

  1. A four person team decide which books will be sold in the stores.
  2. Two hundred titles are selected at a time.
  3. The buyers are interested in creating local and then national interest in a title.
  4. Selection of titles is guided by the demographics of Costco members, i.e. they are considered upscale, informed, and opinion makers.
  5. Books are purchased from independent authors, small publishers, and publishing houses.
  6. Titles carried on the website are more numerous than in the store. The website has its own buyer.
  7. Guidelines for submitting a title for consideration can be obtained at (866) 678-9390 or online at

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