Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting An Award For Your Book

An important aspect of promoting and selling your book is to demonstrate that it is a worthwhile publication. Its value can be shown by the recognition and awards it has received. One of the ways to have an award-winning book is to enter it in a contest.

The Do-It-Yourself Book Festival is just such a contest. It is dedicated to recognizing self-published books and small presses. Each title is judged on its general excellence and the author's passion for story telling. The contest also looks closely at unique uses of guerilla marketing tactics. Further, the contest gives out awards for author of the year and best book cover. The deadline for submitting your book is September 25, 2006. Entrance fee is $50. More information:

A second contest is hosted by Independent Publisher and is designed to bring increased recognition to deserving books published by independent authors and publishers. Known as the IPPY Award, the top ten recipients receive a cash award. For a title to be eligible, it must have a 2006 copyright. Submissions will be accepted starting on June 1, 2006. The fee is $70. More information:

Watch for a blog entry that will offer some ideas on how to use your well-deserved award in a marketing campaign.

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